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6 December 2017

Sick and tired of falling cement?  Has it caused any damage?

If you answered yes, we have the solution, the installation of a dry-verge system. This will do away with the endless task, of having to replace the crumbling cement on your property's verges.

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1 December 2017
Photos from RBC Roofing

Photos from RBC Roofing's post

Nice little Friday job undertaken by our team. Our customers felt that there porch & car port were needing a little TLC so we did away with the time fascia & replaced in UPVC

1 December 2017


In many cases, people don't actually know they have a roofing problem till its too late and develops into a leak !

For these cases, a swift response to the issue is key, to prevent further damage. Therefore we offer an emergency call out service, where we aim to be on site within 24hours and install a permanent or temporary fix.

Please contact us via:
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E-mail: rbcroofing01@gmail.com

1 December 2017

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