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8 November 2017
Photos from RBC Roofing

Photos from RBC Roofing's post

Most people believe that ‘flat roofs’ are unreliable and problematic...... unfortunately this statement can be true!

However, We know that the main causes of flat roof failure is the workmanship and incorrect installation of the roofing product.

Here at RBC roofing we pride ourselves on making every roof the best it can possibly be, with over 10 years combined experience in the roofing industry. You can rest assured that your flat roof will be installed to the highest standards and guaranteed to  

31 October 2017
Photos from RBC Roofing

Photos from RBC Roofing's post

Do your ridge tiles look like these did? 👀

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your roof look good and well maintained, for this customer we lifted their ridge tiles off and cleaned them up. Then we reinstalled them with a mechanical fixing and re-pointed in black ‘flexim roofing putty’ and what a difference it’s made!

The roof now looks well maintained and the ridges are guaranteed for the next 10 years. Happy days 😃

If you would like your roof to have a clean bill of health then give  

22 October 2017
Photos from RBC Roofing

Photos from RBC Roofing's post

On the odd occasion that you look up at the roofline of your property, does it look like this?

Weathering is natural and unfortunately inevitable, however there is a solution for improvement. 👇🏻

On this particular property we advised to install white UPVC fascia, soffits and barge boards all round. New black guttering, finished with a dry verge system.

The home owner is delighted with the improvements and you can be too..... Give one of our team a call today for free quotation or advice on any  

20 October 2017

Productive week here @ Rbc roofing

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